Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to the world, little blog!

I've finally taken the plunge to set up a separate blog devoted entirely to my horse-related pursuits.

Over the next few weeks, I will be consolidating my writing and journaling into this blog, and backdating them, so the archive will begin to grow.

Going forward, I plan to write about all of the horse activities that I engage in, which is quite a few.

I own and ride a 17 year old mustang gelding named Tristan that I adopted from a rescue in 2006. We are continually learning about each other, and training in the sport of three-day eventing.

I groom for friends who are also active competitors, and volunteer for horse shows on a regular basis.

I serve on the Area 1 Scholarship Committee, working to provide educational opportunities to eventers in New England and New York.

In the past, I have been a Pony Club Joint-DC, competed for Middlebury College's IHSA team, and taken riding lessons in France.

I also read and watch anything and everything related to horses.

That should about sum it up. Watch this space.

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  1. I want to hear the story on how you came to adopt Tris - somehow I don't know it!!


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